3 Ways To Use A “Pinterest Registry”


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From the day they’re born, kids get seemingly endless streams of gifts from generous family members and friends. People put painstaking effort into choosing the perfect toys or keepsakes. And they just want to give you something that’s perfect – and that you don’t already own. Often, they ask,”what’s on your wish list?” or “what does the baby need?” It’s hard to think of an answer on the spot. But there is a way to put your hours of downtime-browsing to work and help stumped buyers: create a “Pinterest registry.”

It’s simple: Just add a new board themed to your occasion and ask family and friends to comment “BOUGHT” on items they’ve purchased. That way, similar to a wedding registry, people can see what’s already been claimed.

Birthday Party

My son’s first birthday is just around the corner, and I plan on adding a bunch of items I’d love for him, even just as thought-starters.


We used a Pinterest registry for the baby’s first Christmas and it was great. He received some fantastic gifts and no duplicates!

Baby Shower Library

Lots of planners are asking guests to bring a book for the new baby’s library. Avoid 6 copies of “The Little Blue Truck” with a wish list of titles.

Try it and let me know how it works for you! 




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