Why It’s Okay To Be (Shamelessly) Obsessed with the Bachelor


Ladies, it’s the time of year that some of you have been waiting anxiously for!

Am I talking about New Years Resolutions? Nope. Valentine’s Day? Nah. Winter? Heck no!

I am talking about the new season of The Bachelor! Ben Higgins (otherwise known as “the perfect ten Ben”), a sweet gentleman from Indiana who we first met on Kaitlyn’s season of The Bachelorette, is on his quest to find love!

As the mother of a lively 1-year-old, there are few things (besides her, of course) that I can devote much time and attention to. As mom’s know, many pre-motherhood favorite past times fall by the wayside when chasing after a toddler. But there still is one pastime that I can’t seem to shake: The Bachelor franchise. From it’s overly attractive cast members, to the over-the-top dream dates, to the surplus of gossip stories, my love for the tacky franchise is palpable.  

When the topic of the show comes up in conversation, and someone asks if I watch, I unabashedly proclaim, “Yes!” This was not always the case. I used to be fearful that people would judge me for being engulfed in the “reality” show, and somehow think less of me for it. But I have learned to just let people judge if they want. I have an affinity for the show and have no shame in admitting it.

And if you love the show, too, then you go right ahead! Don’t let anyone take it from you!

What is it about the show that sucks us in? I have been watching The Bachelorette from the beginning (and LOVE that Trista and Ryan are married and have a family), and The Bachelor for the past three seasons, and I still can’t figure it out exactly. It must be the ability viewers have to get lost in the cheesy story line and “relationships” that keeps us coming back for more. Between working full time and caring for my daughter, I can definitely use a 2-hour escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the show certainly provides that.

Of course, the full “Bachelor experience” is obtained through more than just watching the show. If you are interested in learning more juicy details about each season, including spoilers, then following Reality Steve is a must. Steve has an impressive completion rating when it comes to reporting accurate information regarding rose ceremony eliminations, inside scoops on the contestants, and of course, lots of drama! Thank you, Steve, for giving me a place to go that is all things related to The Bachelor; you’ve made it so easy to stay in the loop!

And let’s not forget the magic of Twitter is also clutch when it comes to The Bachelor. While watching the show live, it is truly fascinating to see former and current contestants tweet about what is happening. It is even more fascinating when you tweet back to their comments, and they reply (thank you, Amanda Stanton, Samantha Steffan, and Megan Bell)! It creates an interactive viewing experience, and provides an alluring way to feel as if you are somehow part of what’s going on. If you haven’t jumped on Twitter during a new episode, I strongly encourage you to follow some contestants and see what they are saying!

I have never considered myself a hopeless romantic, but regardless, The Bachelor franchise still managed to grab my attention many years ago. And barring Clint Arlis is never cast as The Bachelor himself (he took the role of villain to an unnecessary level), I envision living happily ever after with future seasons.

Why do you love The Bachelor franchise?

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Meet Caitlin! Caitlin grew up in Fairfield, CT and after some time living elsewhere, she is ecstatic to call the town home again. She works full-time in higher education at a local university and has found great joy in supporting college students for almost ten years. Caitlin met her husband, Matthew, in college. They were married in 2009 and welcomed their daughter, Parker, in December of 2014. She spends her free time at yoga, writing, watching sports, and attempting to change the world through advocacy and involvement in social justice movements. Connect with Caitlin on Twitter @CaitPereira.


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