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I am really enjoying my time home this summer with my three little ones. However, most days we are stuck home. I’ve mentioned before in numerous blog posts how difficult it is for me to get out of the house with three children ages 3 and under. BUT, that has not stopped us from having a fun summer in our very own backyard.

Here is a list of super fun activities that we have done that make the days fly by!

No matter what they always all want the same toy!
No matter what they always all want the same toy!

1. Kiddie Pools: I bought two cheap plastic kiddie pools from Wal-Mart a few years ago, and we use them almost every sunny day. I fill them up during my 14 month old twins morning nap with the help of my three year old son. He loves to play “fireman” and hold the hose while they fill up. Filling the pools up early allows time for the water to warm up a bit. I set up the two pools right next to one another along with a water table. Throw in a few plastic sand toys (or even bath toys) and they are all set to play for the day.

2. Finger Painting: My older son loves to paint, but I hate the mess. So outdoor finger painting is perfect since you can hose them right off when they are done! I like to spread out butcher paper on the grass, or even brown paper bags, and let my kids experiment with the paint. The only stress with this activity is making sure the paint stays out of my twins’ mouths!

We love to sing songs while we swing!
We love to sing songs while we swing!

3. Swings: I thought my husband was crazy when he picked out an enormous playscape after our big boy’s first birthday (they are so expensive). But with three kids later, it is one of the best investments. They all love to go up and down the slide, swing (for what seems like hours…how long until they are old enough to pump on their own?) We’ve even eaten lunch in the little clubhouse.

4. Forts: I set up a few lawn chairs in a semi circle and drape over an old bedroom comforter. Voilà, an instant fort. I’ve even added on an extension to our little clubhouse attached to our playscape. For some reason my 3 year old can stay put under that fort for quite some time playing nicely with his brother and sister.

In search of flowers and leaves.
In search of flowers and leaves.

5. Nature Hunts: Grab a bucket, beach pail or even decorate a paper lunch bag and walk around your yard in search of leaves, nuts, flowers, rocks, etc. Afterwards its fun to sort the items you found. One time we even made a collage of all of our treasures.

6. Bubbles: My twins love bubbles…especially popping them! It’s also fun to experiment with different sizes and styles of wands. At a recent FCMB play date, the mommies from LuCk had some super fun ideas!

7. Make a Bird Feeder: We made a few simple bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter, birdseed and string. A very messy job, perfect for outside! Then we searched for a few special places for them to hang. Our favorite thing to do in the morning is check to see if any birdies are visiting our special treats.

8.Trucks, Trucks and More Trucks: Since birth my big boy has been obsessed with trucks (and I think his little sister is following along too). Give him a pile of dirt and some trucks and he is in heaven.

Playing trucks in his pj's.
Playing trucks in his pj’s.

9. Chalk: We’ve made roads for all the trucks to drive along, drawn flower gardens, practiced the alphabet, etc. Since my twins aren’t yet able to hold the chalk I want to try making some sidewalk chalk paint.

10. Popsicles or Ice Cream: A great summer day always ends with a cold treat! And again, if they get too messy just hose them all down!

What are some fun activities that you love to do in your backyard? Comment below with more great ideas!

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  1. Love these ideas! My son also loves helping me “garden”, i.e. water the veggies, eat the tomatoes and then spray each other with the hose which he calls the sprinkler. This is pretty much our nightly playtime after work. Too bad that doesn’t count as his bath!


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